Entartete Musik

An evening of sexy and subversive cabaret
and song, celebrating the lyrics and music of
artists who struggled in the shadow of the
Third Reich


Performed to rave sell-out shows at the Drill Hall plus Windsor Festival and a tour of Denmark in collaboration with Katholm Productions.

The WEIMAR REPUBLIK was a democracy.

A time when Jews in Germany had equal rights for the first time & spread their considerable talents into the arts, academia and politics.

Women who had come from the provinces to the big cities to assist in the war effort, exploited their new-found status. In Berlin, women were known to ditch their boring husbands & lesbians clubs flourished. Other women took to the boards and sang their stories.

Political satire & eroticism

became a substitute

for a square meal.

The fabulous Hot Girls of the Weimar Republik, return with all the swank and slick sincerity you could ever wish for, they’ll soothe your brow as they sing you songs which are disturbing, poignant and witty in turn. Dance routines, fabulous costumes from the period and songs from those turbulent Weimar years in Berlin 1919-1933.

‘Entartete Musik’ was a derogatory a term used by Hitler to describe the daring new styles of music from jazz to the avant garde – Blacks & Jewish music – Hitler deemed unsuitable for German ears. Literally meaning ‘degenerate music’ its composers were banned, exiled or murdered. This programme celebrates the insight, bravery & humour of those who challenged that ever growing oppression.

With Sarah Niles, Elisa Lasowski, Mary-Anne Parker, Micaela Leon, Kieran Buckeridge.

Devised and directed by Jude Alderson

Music by Hollaender, Eisler and Spoliansky

Musical arrangements by Steve Edis

Designed by Kyoko Wainai.

LIFE’S A SWINDLE (Spoliansky/Schiffer)

SEX APPEAL (Hollaender/Schiffer)


MIR IST SO  (Nelson/Tucholsky)


MUNCHHAUSEN (Hollaender)