Ethical People

a contemporary satire about modelling, movies and playing dirty…

Ethical People by award-winning writer/director/composer Jude Alderson, a scathing whirlwind comedy about the modelling and the movie industry: spotlight and darkness, satire and sadness, glitter and dirt, hope and despair. A cast of nine including a jazz trio.

Micky’s dreary lifestyle on a building site is transformed by a group of London weirdoes from an ad agency who thrust him into the shark-ridden world of modelling . He finds himself in the dreamlike world of beautiful women and expendable cash. He learns pretty fast that exploiting others gives him a helping hand. Especially Jake: handsome, haunted and his modelling rival.

Model Maria with ‘precisely five minutes shelf life’ is writing a movie: ‘ everyone in London is from somewhere else’. She wants to claw her way out of the sexist modelling industry. Or does she?

Livvy is battling against the glass ceiling and always playing the ‘laid back party girl, the beige or café au lait or mix-it-up white teeth girl’. Martha wants a baby – or at least a relationship with her ever frustrated and absent man.

Navigating its way through London’s shark-ridden castings and its hippest night spots, this show with fabulous songs promises to be funny and dark, sharp, savage and bittersweet.

Obsessed with success. Pedro wants everything that moves – and then some!

Weaving amongst the mayhem is Lola the glamorous seasoned professional who sings everyone’s stories…

A cast of nine including a jazz trio with Debra Bishop (Freddy Mercury) as Lola.

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